Mrs. Fixit: Building a basic toolbox

November 6, 2011

To assemble the box you'll need to make your cuts first. You need three pieces of one by six, one cut to twenty inches for the base and two twelve inch pieces,one for each side. You can adjust these measurements to fit your needs.

Once you've cut the sides you can either round off the tops with a jigsaw or cut each to a peak like my grandfather's with a saw.

This is also a good time to drill the holes for the handle. use a spade but They just need to be the same width as your dowel.

Next, lay the bottom flat and put the sides in place. Use some wood glue and two inch wood screws to connect the sides to the base.

Measure the assembled width of the base and sides and cut your pieces of base molding to fit. You want the cuts flush on each end. Glue the face of each side and screw it into place so the bottom and sides are flush with the edges of your assembled sides and base.

The final step is to glue the dowel in place for the handle.

This great little caddy can be used for tools, kid's toys or on a desk just paint it out to suit where ever you plan to use yours. An easy low or no cost project for your home! i'm Mrs. Fixit and it's just that simple!

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