Pay 6 Forward: Roxborough

ROXBOROUGH - November 2, 2011

There were some rules.

You can't keep it.
You can't give it to anyone living with you.
You can't give it to a family member.
It has to go to a friend or neighbor.

You'd be surprised how many people look at a sign that reads "I'm giving away 600, ask me how" and simply drive right by. A few people did stop and ask for the catch. I explained you can't keep it yourself and you can't give it to a relative or someone who lives with you. And the person has to be available right then for the surprise. Earl Driscoll said he always dreamed of being in a position to help a friend.

"I'm not with any means to help someone out," Earl Driscoll of Roxborough, "I'm just making it on my own."

Earl was giddy at the thought of helping his friend, Tiffany Bennard, who just lost her job. She biked 14 miles to clean his home for a few extra bucks. Boy did she get a surprise when Earl said he picked her to get the six hundred dollars.

Ironically, Tiffany was just grateful for the opportunity to clean Earl's apartment. She said things like this just don't happen to her. Tiffany wants to use the money to pay off her bills and hopes someday to put some money away for savings. She said Pay 6 Forward taught her a powerful

"That there's some good people in this world and I'm just blessed that I know one of them."

We know there are a lot of people out there like Earl who would love to help their friends, but have never been in a position to have extra money to give. Earl never tried to get the money for himself, he was clearly so excited to give to his friend in need. You can go to my Karen Rogers' Facebook page and leave some ideas about how you can pay 6 forward, even if you don't have a lot of money.

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