Occupy Philly couple puts protest on hold to wed

PHILADELPHIA (AP) - November 6, 2011

Twenty-four-year-old Alicia "Ally" Nauss of Philadelphia and 27-year-old Adam Hill of Norristown met a month ago while working at the information tent at the Occupy Philadelphia encampment next to City Hall.

They were married Sunday afternoon in the middle of the encampment before scores of fellow protesters and other onlookers.

Nauss said holding the wedding there "just made sense." She said "We met here, we fell in love here, and this is our lives right now."

In fact, she said they'll spend their honeymoon going to other Occupy movements along the East Coast to share their story and "get people amped up about the movement."

It was a happy moment, but somewhat overshadowed by a looming show down.

The long planned $50-million-dollar renovation of Dilworth Plaza is supposed to begin with demolition later this month.

The protesters and the city have been negotiating back and forth over alternative sites.

One of them is MSB Plaza right across the street.

That's where one group has already relocated, but they don't have a permit.

The police have been standing by, ready to evict them as soon as word comes down from City Hall.

An insulated and heated structure that was situated at the MSB Plaza was moved back to Dilworth Plaza by Sunday night.

Back at Dilworth Plaza the occupiers are also sending signals that they won't leave peacefully.

"They gave us a deadline. It is what we make it as well just like they're making it what they're making it. There's another side to that story and we're getting prepared to tell it. This is free land we don't have to go anywhere," occupier Michael Blas said. The occupiers will take a vote, although some have already made an individual choice.

"Personally, for me, because of my situation, I'm going to move if asked, some people intend to fight," occupier Elizabetha Levinson said.

Meanwhile in Wilmington, Occupy Delaware protesters were on the move this afternoon.

30 demonstrators walked from Fletcher Brown park to Government center on French Street where they were greeted by police.

Mayor James Baker's office issued a statement saying the protestors cannot set up tents or sleep at that location.


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