NJ voters out to fill 120 Assembly, Senate seats

TRENTON, N.J. - November 8, 2011

All 120 seats in the assembly and senate are up for grabs and, at polling place in Hamilton Township, we found that many voters take their trip into the voting booth seriously.

"It's my duty to vote. It's my duty. That's why every time there's an election I come out and vote," said Joe Sub.

"Everybody should be out here voting, put their vote in, get their voice out there,." said Ann Jackson.

"It's part of what we're supposed to do. We're supposed to vote people in and, if you don't vote, you can't complain about what goes on," said Kim Burkhart.

Among the hottest races in the state are the race for state senate in Mercer and Middlesex county's 14th district where incumbent Democrat Linda Greenstein is being challenged by Republican newcomer Rich Kanka, the father of the little girl murdered by a sex offender in 1994 after whom Megan's law is named.

"We have gone through a decade of increased taxes making the state unfriendly to the small businessman and we have to make a change," said Kanka.

"All of us want to see lower property taxes but this is a time we need to make sure that government is there to create jobs," said Greenstein.

Another hot senate race is in Atlantic County's 2nd district which pits incumbent Democrat Jim Whelan against Republican challenger Vince Polistina, who is currently an assemblyman.

There's one ballot question asking if voters want to amend the Constitution to allow the state to offer legalized sports betting. The feds ban it in all but 4 states right now. NJ is challenging that in court.

Also on Tuesday voters in Princeton Borough and Princeton Township will decide if they want to merge to save money. That's been defeated at least twice over the years by folks who want to maintain their town's individual identity.

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