Parenting: Shopping for a cause

November 14, 2011

If you're taking the kids out shopping this holiday, Saint Joseph's University sociologist Keith Brown, Ph.D. says you can make a difference in the world while you shop. "Maybe most importantly, consumers want to be viewed as socially conscious. Objects that clearly signify that a person has donated to charity help mark the consumer as altruistic."

Brown says that it's a win/win situation because people feel good buying and receiving the gift. More and more people are looking to pay it forward. "The current recession coincided with an 'ethical turn' in the markets. More and more products are being sold that donate a portion of their proceeds to a charitable or ethical cause."

So, when you're shopping with the family. Dr. Brown suggests more and more people will be looking for a "Made in America", "Fair Trade" or "Eco-friendly" dimension to their gift. It might a nice way of turning yet another trip to the mall to a family learning and giving experience.

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