Hollywood Buzz: Twilight, Kim Kardashian, Ruben Studdard

November 17, 2011

"Twilight" mania is back in full force tonight as Twihard fans finally get to see the newest movie in the saga "Breaking Dawn - Part One." It marks the return of Jacob, Edward and Bella, The world-famous vampire and werewolf trio who will all face new challenges this time around.

According to /*Taylor Lautner*/, who plays "Jacob," "In this one, reality hits him, and he has to deal with that, he has to make tough choices. He's torn between his family, you know, the wolfpack, and the Collins, his new family, and he has to make a choice."

"Breaking Dawn - Part One" is out at midnight!

Kardashian in marriage movie
/*Kim Kardashian*/ is set to appear in a new /*Tyler Perry*/ film about marriage and it's getting some controversy since the reality star divorced her husband after just 72 days of marriage. Perry is defending Kim, saying her role will be good for her to show what happens when you make the wrong choices.

Ruben Studdard divorcing
Rreports say singer Ruben Studdard is also ending his marriage. His lasted three years. They do not have any children. The reason for the split: Irreconcilable differences.

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