Save on parking and storage spaces

UNIVERSITY CITY - Nov. 21, 2011

But now, there's a website that can help you find parking and storage spaces and save money. Thanks to, John Cortese has solved his parking problem in University City.

It's always an issue. I come home late at night and I couldn't find parking, Cortese explains. "The Parking Authority is always ticketing cars."

He says he'd paid up to $250 a month to rent a space.

Now, he pays much less, $120 a month, to Penn Student John Hurley and his roommates to park in the driveway of their rental home.

Hurley and his roommates put the rental income to good use.

"It goes into our house social account," Hurley explains.

Josh Kowitt founded Storably after he and his fiancee bought a townhome.

He explains, "A friend was over and asked if they could put some things in the basement. My fiancee said, 'Sure,' and I said , 'For a price.' And that's how we came up with the idea."

Storably users list storage space and parking spaces by location. A pricing calculator offers guidelines on what the rent should be. And the prices are much lower than what commercial lots and storage companies usually charge.

There's no fee to list your space on Storably, or to put in a offer to rent and available space. The site does take a percentage of the rental fee that's charged, once an agreement is reached.

To check out Storably, click here.

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