Mother of Sandusky's adopted son had concerns

STATE COLLEGE, Pa. - November 16, 2011

As the sex abuse scandal broke out two weekends ago, Sandusky's daughter-in-law quickly filed for an emergency order preventing her children from being alone with the former Penn State defensive coordinator.

Jill Sandusky is in the process of divorcing Sandusky's adult son, Matthew.

In court records, she claims her mother-in-law, Dorothy, "attempted to convince her the children would be safe around Sandusky."

She goes on to say her relationship has since become impossible because of the "fundamental disagreement about the validity of the charges and the risk he poses to the children."

Deborah Long is Matthew Sandusky's biological mother.

"I've had concerns all along with Jerry," Long said.

She says her son first met Sandusky through his charity for at risk children The Second Mile. He was 7.

"Jerry was bringing gifts all the time for Matthew; it was clothing and money," Long said.

Soon, though, she began to sense a change in Matthew's behavior.

"Then it became where Matt was anxious to see Jerry. He backed away. Jerry would pull in the driveway and Matt would hide," Long said.

But at 16, Matthew began living with the Sanduskys.

She showed us court records from the Probation Department which said it had "serious concerns" about his living arrangements with the Sanduskys.

Citing poor academics and a sexual relationship between Matthew and an adult niece of Sandusky's who was living in the home.

Still, he remained there and the Sanduskys legally adopted him when he turned 18 two years later.

Deborah Long says she has no evidence her son was ever molested by Sandusky.

Action News tried to get comment from Matthew Sandusky at his State College home this afternoon, but a friend said he had no comment.

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