Julia Rae is 'Singing at the top of her lungs'

PHILADELPHIA - November 18, 2011

And while there are hundreds of performers getting ready for the big event, one particular performer caught the attention of Action News Friday.

19 year old Julia Rae was born with the chronic lung disorder cystic fibrosis, but that hasn't stood in the way of her passion for singing.

Julia Rae grew up in Malvern and went to St. Norbert School, and she was back sharing her songs and her story with the students.

Rae has set up a foundation to raise funds to battle cystic fibrosis, along with a song entitled "Singing at the Top of My Lungs."

"Every day you're forced to take breathing treatments just to get a breath, so it's ironic that I sing," said Julia Rae.

Rae will perform in this year's 6abc Dunkin Donut Thanksgiving Day Parade, and her career is on a roll.

She sings "Be that Girl" in a music video, which will be featured in the movie "The Greening of Whitney Brown", with Brooke Shields and Aiden Quinn.

Julia Rae suffered many setbacks including collapsed lungs. She has daily therapy before she rehearses her vocals. But she believes she has a gift, and she wants to share it to help fight cystic fibrosis.

The students of her alma mater presented her foundation with a check for $1,000 on Friday.

"The student council had a bake sale, and so we got a lot of the money from there," said Harrison Grant.

"She's a great singer, she's kind and she's making a difference," said Kelly O'Connor.

Julia Rae spends half her time in Los Angeles working on an album and living by the motto of her foundation: Sing, Breathe, Believe.

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