Neighbors complain of noise, gunfire at cemetery

CINNAMINSON, N.J. - November 23, 2011

Residents of Parry Ave. in Cinnaminson, which backs up to Morgan Cemetery, say life here is anything but quiet.

For the last year or so - sometimes during the day and at all hours of the night - they say people are in the cemetery are disturbing the peace.

"Cars parked with their doors open and loud, loud music," said Roseann Goins of Cinnaminson. "It just doesn't stop."

As the graves dug at Morgan move to within feet of his property, Stan Rospondek says he's had mourners go to the bathroom in his yard and has been frightened more than once by gunfire.

"There was a gang member that was buried here and one of his buddies pulled out a handgun," Rospondek said. "We heard a couple of pops."

"We got kids. You never know where the bullets go. They might hit the house, you don't know," said Michael Goins.

Residents say they are fed up with what's been happening here. They brought their complaints to the township committee hoping something can be done to quiet things down here.

"My husband's talked to the cemetery about putting up a chain or a sign saying it's closed at dark and they haven't even gotten back to him," said Maryann Sinatra.

Residents say they regularly call the police to report what's happening, but police can't do anything. Technically they're not trespassing without a sign up there that saying the cemetery is closed.

Action News spoke by phone with cemetery manager Chris Mojica, who says neighbors will get their wish. He says signs are now on order like the ones at other cemeteries that read "grounds are open only from dawn to dusk".

That won't solve all the problems at Morgan Cemetery, but it'll give police greater authority to clear the grounds after hours so everyone around here can get some rest.

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