Occupy Philly continues while numbers dwindle

PHILADELPIHA - November 28, 2011

Action News counted nearly 100 tents late Monday night, but many of them were empty.

However, a group of around 50 to 60 Occupy Philadelphia demonstrators are vowing to stay put right where they have been since October 6th.

Yes, there was construction under way at City Hall, but it most certainly was not what the city had in mind.

A handful of protestors continued to fortify their makeshift homes in preparation for a possible showdown with police.

"If they want to kick us out, we're going to stay here. And if they want to build their ice-skating rink than they need to throw us a bone and make something happen," protestor Steven Venus said.

Members of Occupy Philly continue to demand an alternate site to camp out and continue their protest. The city is allowing people to protest across the street in the Thomas Paine Plaza outside the Municipal Services Building, but not camp out.

As a result, these 50 or so protestors say they plan to stay put until their forced out.

"We do have some folks who are planning nonviolent civil disobedience. We also have many folks who plan to witness peacefully across the street and not engage in civil disobedience. Either way, as long as folks are nonviolent, our legal collective will be providing defense and support," protestor Gwen Snyder said.

Police were on hand to keep an eye on things, but at least for now, there is no sign that an eviction is imminent.

Meanwhile, Dennis Payne of a group called Homeless American Volunteer Organization Coalition, aka HAVOC, says he moved many of the homeless out of Dillworth Plaza and to a site in Port Richmond he's calling Camp Liberty One.

"We seized the park yesterday...at Cumberland and Richmond. That's where the camp is out. That's only for the homeless. That's only for the people we're taking care of," Payne said.

But it turns out the property the homeless are camping on belongs to Conrail and late tonight, Conrail Police arrived and told them they cannot stay there, that they have to move somewhere else.

Conrail gave Camp Liberty One a deadline of noon Tuesday to move out.

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