6at4 Business Report: Verizion Wireless, unemployment, Kindle Fire

December 2, 2011

Unemployment rate drops
The unemployment rate is now at its lowest level in more than 2-and a-half years. The number of people out of work fell last month to 8.6%, down from 9%, as employers boosted hiring in response to the slowly improving economy. Employers added 120,000 jobs last month. But analysts did say one reason for the drop could be the fact that 315,000 people gave up and stopped looking for work and were no longer counted as unemployed.

Verizon and cable companies make nice
Yhey were once mortal enemies but now Verizon Wireless is striking an alliance with cable companies that will change how we buy internet, mobile and pay-TV services. The $3.6 billion deal with Time Warner, Comcast and Bright House Networks will allow cable companies to offer wireless services to customers and you'll also be able to buy cable-TV products at Verizon's retail stores. Analysts say this deal is a game-changer for the industry.

Amazon's Kindle Fire
amazon.com's Kindle Fire just went on sale and already it's a big hit, becoming the top challenger to the iPad according to research firm IHS. In fact, the Kindle Fire has already surpassed more established tablets from Samsung and Barnes and Noble.

Fresh, delivered Christmas trees
In these tech-savvy times, fewer people chopping down their own Christmas trees, More are opting to order them online as Target, Costco, Sears and Kmart all offer door-to-door service. But one third of people do still choose and cut their own trees. If you do, you won't have to travel far. Pennsylvania is one of the top 6 Christmas tree growing states in the country.

Theaters offering Tweet seats
You may not be allowed to talk during a live performance in a theater, but you can Tweet! Believe it or not, more theatres across the country sectioning off seats for those who want to power their smartphones and tell all their twitter followers about the opera or symphony they're watching. USA Today says "Tweet seats" are often located in the back row of the theater to avoid disrupting other patrons.

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