Wine shipped to your home, $2 sandwiches

November 30, 2011 If you're worried about your privacy on the social networking site, Facebook wants to put your fears to rest, and they are talking to the feds about it.

Facebook is promising to improve its privacy practices.

The social network has promised the Federal Trade Commission it will get permission from users before over-riding their privacy settings.

Founder Mark Zuckerberg admits in his blog that Facebook has made mistakes.

If you live in Pennsylvania and can't make it out to your local wine and spirits store, now you have an option to get a select number of PLCB items delivered to your home or office.

Previously, customers could order products from the Pennsylvania Liquor Control Board's inventory and pick it up only at a state-run store.

But now, you can order items from the limited inventory on the PLCB website and have those items shipped to you.

But this applies only to about 1,500 products out of 30,000 in the PLCB catalog, and most of the items cannot be found in stores.

And there is a shipping fee. It's $14.00 for an order of one to three bottles, and an additional dollar for each bottle beyond that.

And again, this does not mean you can order wine and spirits from out-of-state wineries or distributors of your choice, or have wine shipped to you from a wine club. This applies only to products from the PLCB's inventory.

Subway is announcing a money-saving promotion. You can get $2.00 6-inch subs the entire month of December.

The deal is good for its popular meatball and cold-cut subs, and is the lowest price 6-inch sandwich the chain has offered in years.

Most Taco Bell locations already offer a $2.00 deal that includes a taco or burrito, a medium drink and a bag of Doritos chips, which all adds to more money for holiday shopping.

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