52 Occupy members released from jail

CENTER CITY - November 30, 2011

There were cheers, applause and hugs as many of the occupy prisoners were being released after their arraignments.

"I'm very, very glad to be out. The next step is figuring next steps for this amazing movement we're all a part of," protestor Gwen Snyder said.

Indeed, only moments after their release, many vowed to continue their Occupy movement.

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"We got stuff going on this weekend. We've got meeting this week. Just because we don't' have Dilworth [Plaza,] doesn't mean Occupy's not going to continue," protestor Shawn Em of Fishtown said.

Late Wednesday, about 100 occupiers who had not been arrested obstructed rush hour traffic as they marched from Rittenhouse Square to City Hall and then Police Headquarters.

There, they were encouraged to continue on by David Harvey, a Professor of Anthropology and Geography at the City University of New York.

"What's clear is that the message that has come out from this movement is dangerous and it's dangerous to political power and the danger has to be escalated," Professor Harvey said.

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Some like Professor T. J Ghose who teaches social issues at the University of Pennsylvania and was among those arrested sees the Occupation of Dilworth Plaza and the ultimate eviction as a defining moment for the movement, a movement they contend is far from over.

"Occupation next will set the stage for exactly how we will continue the movement and I guarantee you you'll love it. You'll be surprised and you'll love it," Professor Ghose said.

As for Dilworth Plaza where this movement was born, construction on a $50-million renovation program which includes an ice rink will begin tomorrow.

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