Red light cams up and running at Broad and Vine

CENTER CITY - December 2, 2011

That means the two-month grace period for motorists at Broad and Vine Streets in Center City Philadelphia is officially over.

"It's over? You mean every time we pass we're going to get a ticket?" asked Kareema Thompson.

If she means pass through a red light, then the answer is probably yes. Since midnight the red light cameras at Broad and Vine Streets in Center City Philadelphia have been active.

The warning period is over. Now running a red light will cost you $100.

"Hey that's the law, you don't stop at the red light you get 100 dollars," said motorists Barbara and Rick Lane.

The Philadelphia Parking Authority began equipping intersections with red light cameras in 2005. Since the program began, about 585,000 tickets have been issued.

Red Light Camera Program Manager Chris Vogler says after the program costs are paid for, the revenue gets sent to PennDOT in Harrisburg, while here in Philadephia, intersections are safer.

"You can tell around red light camera intersections and in the general vicinity, driver behavior has changed," said Vogler. "We've seen the number of violations decrease, and you can see that through driver behavior. It really has made a difference."

Meantime in Southwest Philadelphia, crews were out Friday morning installing the PPA's newest cameras at Lindbergh Boulevard and Island Avenue. Red-light runners here will get warnings for the next 60 days beginning Monday. But starting February 3rd, here, too, you will be fined.

"There are so many different lanes, so sometimes people get confused as to which light means what," said motorist Dave Thomas. "I think it will help us monitor what goes on here and hopefully make better decisions."

Back at Broad and Vine, there are signs near the cameras alerting drivers to the fact that they are there. Most of the drivers we spoke to say they think the cameras will just make the area safer, whether you're in a car or on foot.

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