Man exposes self multiple times, still loose

NEWARK, Del. - December 2, 2011

A man has been spotted nearly a half-dozen times, exposing himself.

The five incidents occurred within blocks of one another adjacent to the pleasant residential section of Devon in Newark.

With social media, details about the naked or near naked man episodes traveled fast in this college town.

The first report came October 6th of a white male wearing only a plaid shirt jumping out of the bushes near Elkton Road and Veterans Lane. On October 13th at Elkton and Apple, there was a report of a naked white male streaking.

Then no reports for 44 days but then, on November 26th, there was a call about a naked man engaged in a lewd act at Willa and West Park Place. Two nights later, and a short distance away on West Park, he is seen walking with no clothes on.

Then, on Thursday night, a woman spotted him on Chrysler Avenue and called 911.

Police assume the naked man lives near where he has been spotted. So far he is not been aggressive but authorities fear that could change.

He has been described as standing between 6'2" and 6'5" tall.

If you see the man or have any information on his identity, you are asked to dial 911.

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