Occupy Philly stages rally at Independence Hall

PHILADELPHIA (AP) - December 2, 2011

Three days after being evicted from City Hall, Occupy Philly members made their way to one of the most historic sections of Philadelphia.

They are determined to remind this city they're still here after their Dilworth Plaza eviction.

"We already have so many actions that are going on to continue into the New Year that that eviction wasn't an eviction for us, it was just our physical site at that moment, it does not stop this movement," Matthew Armstead of Occupy Philly said.

Occupy Philly officials began their "You Cannot Evict an Idea" solidarity march at 15th and Market streets at 2:00 p.m.

Philadelphia police officers on bicycles followed the protestors through the city down Market Street.

Federal park rangers were on hand as the demonstrators approached Independence Mall.

Rangers said their priority is protecting national landmarks and treasures which is why the Liberty Bell Pavilion was briefly placed on lockdown as protestors made their way onto the mall.

In a statement, Occupy Philly says the march was to claim their victory.

"It's really where America declared its independence from Britain, we as people are really trying to declare out freedom as individuals," Armstead said.

"There are corporations in this country that are stealing everyone's freedom from them every day," occupier Marshall Kavanaugh of Fishtown said.

Independence Hall may seem the appropriate place for occupiers to gather, after all they've compared themselves to our founding fathers.

"We're the American dream the way it was suppose to be, standing up for your rights being an individual," Kavanaugh said.

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