Mrs. Fixit: Extra holiday greens

December 11, 2011

Tree lots will trim bottom branches from trees as they wrap them up for customers. When you get your tree, ask the people at the lot if you can have a bunch of the extra limbs.

You can decorate your mantle by cutting big limbs into smaller, manageable pieces. arrange them around your other decorations for a great fresh touch.

If you're concerned about moisture on the mantle, line it with plastic wrap before you start decorating.

These wonderful swags can be made with a variety of greens and some floral wire. Find a nice fan shaped branch and lay it so the branches curl outward. Lay a second type of greens on top of the first and then secure their stems together with some floral wire.

Top it off with a great ribbon or another decoration or both to make a festive display for a door or railings.

If you have a wreath that you use from year to year, adorn it with fresh greens by sticking them in behind the existing wreath.

If you end up with some sap on your hands you can remove it with some cooking oil, just some inexpensive ideas to decorate with fresh greens. I'm Mrs. Fixit and it's just that simple.

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