Mrs. Fixit: Recover a footstool with a rug

January 31, 2012 9:26:59 AM PST
This threadbare rug isn't much good as a rug anymore, but it has sentimentalvalue so I don't want to just toss it, so I'm going to take some of the less damaged area and use it to recover a stool.

Remove the seat from the stool and flip it over onto the rug. You can choose to use the rug side or the reverse for your project, it's up to you.

Making sure that you're leaving yourself plenty of overlap for securing the rug to the seat, cut out the piece you need for your stool. Put the rest of the rug aside.

Using a staple gun, secure the rug to the seat. Make sure that you pull it taut and tuck the corners in tightly as you work.

When you've secured the edges all the way around, secure the seat back to the leg framework.

You can either leave the seat just like this or you could add some trim or piping around the entire outside of the stool.

I made these two stools from a rug that belonged to my grandmother. It's a great way to preserve a sentimental treasure. I'm Mrs. Fixit and it's just that simple!