Celebrate Hanukkah with "Supper"

PHILADELPHIA, Pa. - December 20, 2011

The temple in Jerusalem had been desecrated. It took eight days to consecrate it but only one day's worth of oil was available. It lasted the entire eight, and the miracle has been commemorated for more than 2,000 years.

Traditionally, the celebration includes foods friend in oil, but what food depends on where you are. In Israel, it's likely to be jelly donuts. American Jews generally prefer potato pancakes..."latkes". At "Supper" on South Street, owners Mitchell and Jennifer Prensky serve latkes year-round, so they look for something extra come Hanukkah.

Chef Mitch is preparing his version of sufganiot, a Jewish donut recipe that can be served with many toppings. His version is the donut "holes" topped with apples, cinnamon and marshmallow. They'll be available nightly during Hanukkah.

Supper is a seasonal American restaurant often serving food raised at the restaurant's own farm. It makes fresh food the norm.

It also provides opportunity to do the unexpected. A year ago, Jen Prensky found a huge butternut squash on the farm, which the staff carved into a menorah, the traditional Hanukkah candelabra. So for eight nights, candle after candle was added to the display.

Jewish or not, you'll enjoy the creativity that comes from the kitchen.

Supper is located at 926 South Street, just east of 10th. They're open Tuesday through Sunday for dinner and weekends for brunch.

For information or reservations, phone 215-592-8180, or visit their website, Supper.

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