2 arrested in Olney random attack

OLNEY - December 14, 2011

In surveillance video, the victim, Thuy Ngo Le, is shown taking his daily walk shortly after 3:00 p.m. Wednesday along the 400 block of Chelten Avenue.

Two suspects follow him.

They speed up and one of the suspects sucker-punches the 65-year-old knocking him unconscious.

The man was rushed to nearby Albert Einstein Medical Center for treatment. Police say he had his teeth knocked out and now has his jaw wired shut.

Witness Chris Sweeten described to Action News what he saw yesterday.

"He's got a little pool of blood coming out of his face, his teeth were on the ground, it's crazy," Sweeten said.

Sweeeten was working nearby and watched as the suspects fled on foot.

"They were just jogging in the back alley, laughing, like nothing happened, like it was a big joke," Sweeten said.

The suspects are likely not laughing now.

19-year-old Sam Cave and a 16-year-old juvenile are facing aggravated assault charges.

They had no idea a surveillance camera was on the side of a nearby home.

On Thursday morning, the juvenile's mother recognized her son on Action News and turned the teens in.

Derek Huang, the victim's nephew, cannot understand how such a violent random act occurred.

"I don't understand why they would do that; it's not like my uncle did anything to them. Kids nowadays have nothing better to do," Huang said.

Le's family is outraged by the senseless attack.

They say he immigrated to the United States from Vietnam 20 years ago and recently retired.

He enjoyed his afternoon walks.

"Maybe they find it amusing, which is really sick," Huang said.

It's a feeling shared by Sam Cave's mother Carol.

She can't believe her son would attack anyone, let alone an elderly man.

She says her prayers are with Le's family.

"I would really, really, really like to go to see the guy in the hospital and apologize and let him know how sorry I am for that stupid act of violence," Carol Cave said.

The identity of the juvenile is being withheld.

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