Officers work to help little girl after tragedy

PHILADELPHIA - December 17, 2011

For 7-year-old Kamryn Greer, she couldn't wait to spend Christmas with her mother in their Tioga Nicetown home.

"I really loved her and every year we would put up the Christmas tree," said Kamryn.

But Thursday morning, the little girl's life changed forever. Kamryn tried to wake up her sleeping mother but 44-year-old Meichlene Greer had passed away overnight from natural causes.

Kamryn was all alone in their Bouvier Street home so she called 9-1-1.

Kamryn tells us, "My mom said any time that something happens and you don't know what's going on, just call 9-1-1 and they will help you." And that's exactly what happened.

Philadelphia police officer Janeen Jones rushed to the scene and to the aid of Kamryn.

Officer Jones says, "[Kamryn] held it together even when I couldn't - I was trying to. She's very smart."

And Officer Jones is helping the 2nd grader from DePaul Catholic School again. With Christmas just a week away, Jones' 39th police district has started collecting toys, clothes and cash donations for Kamryn.

"I knew before I even left that house we had to do something for this family as well as for Kamryn," said Jones.

Greer's sister and brother in law have taken Kamryn in. They know it will be a tough holiday but they're thankful for the officers who are trying to give Kamryn the Christmas she deserves.

Kamryn's aunt, Marsha Austin, says, "I just never thought that they would go above and beyond the way they have."

The community can help by bringing gifts to the 39th district headquarters, located on Hunting Park Avenue. Cash donation will also help pay for Kamryn's school tuition.

The funeral for her mother, who died from hypertension and heart problems, will be sometime next week before Christmas.

To make donations for Kamryn, call Officer Luakaitis, the 39th district crime prevention officer, on Monday, December 19th at 215-686-3390 ext 91 or 215-686-2751.

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