Water returns to Marquis as renters' anger boils

KING OF PRUSSIA, Pa. - December 27, 2011

"The water is back on, but there are still a number of issues in the apartment," renter Amit Gupta said.

The water stopped coming Christmas morning in three out of five buildings impacting more than 200 occupied apartments.

Upper Merion Township stepped in and asked for a court injunction to make Marquis' owner Jeg Associates address the water issue or evacuate the buildings where people were forced to use porto potties and communal showers.

"I told my wife 'can we go to a hotel,' we stay in a hotel we can't even afford; if I had money in my pocket, I would leave right now," renter Ibrahim Eid said.

The township says the Marquis has racked up 19 violations since November including problems with emergency generators, heat, and air conditioning.

"I believe that it's all preventive maintenance; it can be dealt with, they choose not to deal with it," Edward McBride, Chairman of the Upper Merion Township Board of Supervisors, said.

Even though the water is back on, the legal problems are not over for the Marquis. The township is still pushing for that injunction that will order the owners to fix all those violations.

The township is expecting to get a hearing within five days to handle the other violations.

As for the water, the Marquis says the holidays caused delays with repairing a water pump.

It says the property manager acted quickly, communicated with residents, provided bottles of water and Tuesday afternoon offered vouchers for hotels and food.

While some say this is home and they'll deal with the issues, others say it's time to go.

"We'll try to move out as soon as possible," renter Saurabh Bhattacharjee said.

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