Lady Gaga moving to Lancaster County?

LITITZ, Pa. - December 27, 2011

There are reports that Lady Gaga is looking to move to our area.

The pop superstar has been spending a lot of time in the Lancaster County town where her boyfriend grew up and she may have her sights set on one place, in particular, a mansion befitting her fame.

The mansion Lady Gaga is rumored to be buying in Lancaster County is on the market for $1.7-million.

Mike and Carole Futer think their dream home is perfect for Lady Gaga.

Lots of Old World charm for a modern rocker. The attention to detail is everywhere. A kitchen any chef would envy. She can work it off in one of two exercise rooms. And then settle in to relax by the massive fireplace.

It's a great house and we're sure she'd be very comfortable here. That is, if it were true.

Anne Lusk, the listing agent for the house, says they've had no showings and no one representing Lady Gaga has inquired.

She thinks she knows how the rumor started.

Gaga's boyfriend Taylor Kinney grew up in nearby Lititz.

His parents still live in the neighborhood and the young couple has been known to spend time with them.

"Back in November, Lady Gaga was spotted in the area having lunch at a popular café. I mentioned to people in the office that it would be a great New Year's gift for me to sell Lady Gaga a house," Lusk said.

Then someone claimed she saw Gaga leaving the Futer's house and described what she was wearing.

"And they said, 'a leopard coat, a tiger purse, big blonde hair' and I said, 'that was me,'" Lusk said.

Taylor Kinney's father says Gaga has no plans to buy a house in the area, too busy travelling the world on tour.

But, in case she reconsiders, the Futers are willing to sweeten the pot.

They said they would be willing to throw in the pool and foosball tables.

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