Pay 6 Forward: Blue Bell

BLUE BELL, Pa. - December 28, 2011

I stood in a shopping plaza in Blue Bell holding my sign which reads, "I'm giving away 600 dollars, ask me how." You'd be surprised how hard it is for people to think of someone to help.

"Oh gosh, who do we know? My mother could completely use the money," one woman said.

Ah, but you can't give the money to a relative or someone who lives with you.

Then two women rushed up to us to talk about their neighbor, Liz Cummings.

"Right now her husband is pretty far along in Lou Gehrig's disease. They have 3 school age children," said Becky Wagner of Blue Bell.

While Liz was caring for her husband, Joe, through his progressive disease, she was diagnosed with multiple sclerosis. Now both parents are coping with incurable diseases. Their concern obviously is for their young children.

So we pulled Liz out of a coffee shop and her friends poured out their hearts to her.

"We wanted to tell you we're so glad we know you and that you're our friend and neighbor and we care about you," Kristen Scalley told her.

Liz was touched and then came the $600 surprise. Liz was speechless.

Liz Cummings isn't one to dwell on her own problems. She immediately said she wanted to use the money to help others.

"To pay it on a little bit and make some other people happier, too," she said. "As much as our situation is unfortunate, we're more fortunate than so many other people. I'm humbled by it and truly appreciate it," she said. "Thank you, guys."

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