2012 gets a big welcome at Penn's Landing

Sky 6 captured images of the fireworks over Penn's Landing as the area welcomed 2012!

January 1, 2012 4:02:07 AM PST
People packed into Penn's Landing to help welcome 2012!

It was twice the fireworks and twice the fun along the Delaware River. In both Philadelphia and Camden, families got into position to watch the fireworks - one show was at 6:00 p.m. with another show at the stroke of midnight.

"Normally we do the party thing, but this year we want to go a little low and bring the kids out here and show them a good time, show them how people like to celebrate New Year's," said Jim McMullen of Northeast Philadelphia.

For those who didn't want to be out in the cold, an RV was the way to go - not only were they warmer, but they were stocked with food!

"I spent all morning cooking and peparing for this evening and it was well worth it," said Bernadette Rogers of Charlestown Township, Pa.

It seemed no one was sad to see 2011 go, because they were optimistic about what's to come.

When asked what 2012 was going to be like for him, Carl Smith of Coatesville said "Outstanding, outstanding. Just getting better."

Some people had big plans for the new year.

"I have a lot of new year's resolutions that I'm looking forward to," said Emily Mooney of Drexel Hill. "I really need to be more organized."

Of course, the celebration wasn't limited to Penn's Landing. It was a busy night in Old City as people hit the bars, clubs and restaurants.

"It's awesome, I love the atmosphere here and that's why we came," said Markita Kennedy of Baltimore. "This is a good place."