Savings on electronics and more

January 25, 2012 8:41:37 PM PST
We first visited the Cranbury, New Jersey, warehouse of more than two years ago. sells overstocked or returned items -- especially electronics -- from seven major retailers, for up to 40 to 50% off their original prices. Going back, we found that a month after Christmas, their shelves are packed with holiday returns.

Liquidity Services Operations Manager Jim Dalm explained, "Think of your major retailers out there. What you see in those stores, is most likely what you're going to see come through our facility."

All of the items are quality checked and evaluated. Then they're priced according to how well they work and whether they show signs of wear-and-tear. But only sells their merchandise in big lots or even truckloads.

Which is why we were excited to learn that the company has launched a "buy-it-now" site -- called -- that's targeted to the individual, single-item shopper.

Dalm says, "The savings, again, I would say at least 40% and this is great opportunity for people out there looking to get great merchandise."

Looking for a TV for the big game? A 50-inch Sony Bravia LCD with a retail price of $1899 sells for less than $1200 on Secondipity. A Nintendo3 DS sells for $140 instead of $180. You can even get an iPad2 for $70 under the MSRP.

And because the distribution center is just north of Trenton, you can save even more by avoiding shipping costs and picking up large items, like big-screen TVs.

To check out Secondipity, click here.

To check out, click here.