6at4 Business Report: Honda mileage lawsuit, mortgages, unemployment

February 2, 2012 2:21:15 PM PST
Honda loses a lawsuit over hybrid mileage; unemployment numbers and mortgage rates take a turn.

Woman wins mileage lawsuit against Honda
A California woman won a small claims lawsuit against Honda over the mileage of her hybrid. Heather Peters is a former attorney and she said she noticed that the mileage on her Civic hybrid kept dropping the longer she owned the car. A judge awarded her $9,867. She bought the car in 2006 and said she got 50 miles/gallon, and then it dropped to 30 miles/gallon and now it's in the 20s. Honda said the sticker clearly states that mileage can vary. The judge issued a 26 page ruling saying that Honda was aware by the time Peters bought her car that there were problems living up to the advertised mileage. Peters says she plans to renew her legal license so she can represent other Honda owners with a similar problem.

Trenton's mayor hits NASDAQ
Trenton Mayor Tony Mack crossed the border into New York this morning to put his city in the financial spotlight. Mayor Mack was asked to ring the NASDAQ Stock Market's opening bell in Times Square. The mayor says he took the opportunity to advance his goal of developing interest and, ultimately, jobs in Trenton. Mack says he used the time before the ceremony to talk to investors about the capital city's assets.