App helps plan meals, save money

February 27, 2012 1:59:51 PM PST
If you hate looking through the grocery store sales circulars, but you'd still like to save money, and get a menu plan, there's an app for that.

It's called Food On The Table and Sandra Boyd of Boothwyn, Pa., has been using for a few months now.

The app matches items on sale at your favorite supermarket with easy-to-follow recipes to simplify meal-planning and saving.

Boyd says she never was one to search through circulars or clip coupons, but would try to buy items that were on sale once she got to the supermarket. Now, she says, the app does the work for her.

"It's easier to just know what's on sale even before you go into the store, even though I don't check the circulars," she says.

The app tracks sales at two stores near Sandra's house and one near her work, along with her preferences for types of food she and her husband enjoy.

"Then if you pick something, like say you wanted to make chicken tonight, it will bring a bunch of different chicken recipes over," she explains, adding that it also lists all the other ingredients you need to complete the recipe.

Boyd follows the shopping list on her phone, which stops her from impulse-buying, and then goes home and makes the recipes, which stops the temptation to grab takeout for an easy -- but more costly -- meal.

"I'm not a great cook and my husband does most of the cooking, so when he's working late, it's nice to have something and if I have a recipe, I can make it," she explains.

So far, a ham, cheese and potato casserole and one of the chicken recipes she's tried are their favorites.

Usually, Food on the Table charges a $5 monthly subscription fee, but if you use the code FEBFREE before the end of February 2012, you can get a free lifetime membership. it will cost if you want to upgrade to more the plan that gives you more than three recipes a month.