5th grader suspended for alleged pellet gun shooting

February 28, 2012 3:43:15 PM PST
The Philadelphia School District is sending a letter home to parents today informing them about a pellet gun shooting at an elementary school.

A fifth grader shot a boy in the leg at Whittier Elementary in North Philadelphia on Monday. The boy was not hurt by the plastic pellets.

Another student was allegedly threatened by the fifth grader and alerted a teacher.

Even thought the pellets are plastic, there is deep concern from parents in light of Monday's fatal shooting at an Ohio High school.

Natasha Weaver, a parent of a student at the school, tells Action News, "I want more actions taken so that this kind of incident doesn't have to happen because it could have been a real gun."

Another parent, Danielle Smith, says, "The kid probably had it in his book bag. And how would anybody know unless the child took it out? You know, unless somebody - another child seen it and didn't say anything before the incident happened. There's nothing really the school can do."

The suspected shooter has been suspended. The district has recommended the fifth grader be expelled from school.

A school district spokesman says he's unaware of any extra precautions being taken here or at other Philadelphia after the fatal shooting in Ohio. He said Philadelphia school officers and staff are already on the lookout for potentially dangerous situations.