6at4 Business Report: Apple's value, healthy hotels, Ben Bernanke

February 29, 2012 2:36:28 PM PST
Apple's value continues to climb; Ben Bernanke speaks; travelers will soon get another hotel option. February 29, 2012

Bernanke on the economy
Markets moved lower even though Federal Reserve Board chairman Ben Bernanke said the economy performed better in recent months. If the economy continues to chug along then the Fed may not have to keep propping up the economy. It could also mean that the Fed could back off its plan to hold interest rates near 0% until their planned increase in late 2014. That's why the market went down, the idea that maybe interest rates could rise.

Apple worth more than $500 billion
Yesterday we told you that Apple will likely be announcing the iPad 3 next Wednesday and the stock continues to reach insane levels because many are expecting a sales boost from the upcoming iPad. Apple's valuation now tops $500 billion for the first time. This cements Apple as the world's most valuable business reaching heights not seen by any company since the last recession.

Healthy hotels
Travelers can stay fit while on the road for business, or on vacation. Intercontinental, that's the parent company of Holiday Inn, is developing a new line of healthy hotels under a new brand called "Even" hotels They'll have hypo-allergenic sheets, spacious guest rooms for working out, and healthier food options like smoothies, filtered water and salads. The hotels will be in the mid-priced range and will open next year.