Tire vandals repeatedly hit NJ community

March 6, 2012 2:24:54 PM PST
Neighbors here don't know what to do. Vandals have struck here at least four times in the last month. The residents are staying up late, installing surveillance cameras, and still the vandals sneak in and slash their tires.

Joseph Habens is so tired of having his tires slashed that this morning he was putting plywood around all four wheels of his Chevrolet Astro van. He's hoping to prevent it from happening again.

"I am trying to make it so they can't poke the sides. They're poking the sides so you can't get the tires fixed. I am trying to prevent it from happening again."

At least 5 times in the last month, someone sneaked onto the property at the Hanover Village mobile home park during the overnight and slashed tires on car after car. Neighbors estimate a total of 70 tires have been slashed in the past few weeks. Brenton German told us, "I got hit the first week I moved here. Since then, every week it's been happening."

Replacing all those tires, again and again, is hardly something they can afford.

"It's a nice place but we don't have the money where we can afford to get new tires every week, says Carolyn Tucker. "It's just come down to where we're tired of it."

Now, neighbors are keeping around-the-clock patrols, setting up surveillance cameras and spotlights, moving cars into backyards and side lots. Still they wake up to find their tires slashed.

North Hanover Police are sending extra patrols through the mobile home park. They were parked here last night, keeping watch for awhile and still somehow tires got slashed.