Deadline arrives for Bucks Co. homeless camp

May 8, 2012 9:18:00 AM PDT
The deadline has arrived for a group of homeless people to move out of the woods behind Lower Bucks Hospital in Bristol, Pa.

Property owner JRC, LLC has given them time to pack up and move out before a bulldozer arrives.

There are plans in place to build a warehouse on the site.

Some of the homeless in the camp are veterans who say the county needs to offer them more help.

"This is not how we're supposed to take care of our own. You don't kick them to the wind. We need to have services here in Bucks County, not shipping our homeless and our veterans off to other counties," said Mike Appell, president of Widows Sons of Pennsylvania.

Religious organizations such as the Yardley-based "The Way Home" are trying to place small groups of tent city residents in rental houses.