Save up to 85% on home medical equipment

June 12, 2012 10:18:56 AM PDT
When Ralph Sims needed a hospital bed so that he could take care of Edith, his wife of nearly 50 years, at home, he was able to buy one for $150.

Syms got the deal on the bed, along with cushion to prevent bedsores, at Your Resource in Ewing, New Jersey.

Syms is now a regular customer. "Then I decided to get a lift so that instead of her being in the bed all the time, I can lift her up and sit her in a chair for a couple of hours, a couple of times a week."

Your Resource is a non-profit that recently joined forces with Goodwill of Southern New Jersey and Philadelphia. They sell donated, gently used home medical equipment at prices up to 80% off retail.

Founder Geri LaPlaca explains, "Your Resource accepts any kind of gently used home medical equipment. That can include anything from hospital beds, walkers, wheelchairs, crutches, bath items,commodes, canes, seat cushions, anything at all."

The variety of items is almost overwhelming. When we visited, the store had a Stand-Aid lift that retails for about $20,000 on sale for $2000.

But there are much less-expensive items, too. Like canes for $5, walkers for $20 to $45, and wheelchairs that run from $50 to $500, depending on the features.

And every item is inspected and meticulously sanitized prior to sale. The store doesn't fill presriptions for medical supplies, but for people who don't have insurance, or need items not covered by insurance, it can be a life-saver.

LaPlaca says, "People come here for a myriad of reasons. They may not have insurance, they may have insurance that doesn't cover equipment, they may not be able to afford their co-pay for equipment, or they may just be looking for a second item that insurance won't cover."

In late summer, or early fall, Your Resource will be moving to a larger space, but for now, they're located at 8 Industry Court in Ewing.

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