Sandusky juror speaks to Action News

June 26, 2012 10:18:43 AM PDT
Action News conducted the first and only interview by a local TV station with a member of the Jerry Sandusky jury.

Juror Ann Van Kuren says she and her fellow jurors have no doubt they made the right decision when they convicted Jerry Sandusky on 45 of 48 counts of sexual abuse.

"We were very focused and felt like we had the weight of the large impact of this case on our shoulders," Van Kuren said.

Van Kuren says she and her fellow jurors were methodical, starting with Victim 1 and going through the testimony and other evidence.

Simply put, the victims were credible.

"I think they were very believable because the victims were not all the same; they weren't all saying the exact same thing, but there was a pattern," she said.

The jurors, according to Van Kuren, saw a pattern of preying, grooming and sexually abusing.

"[Jerry Sandusky] really had very little expression; he was very blank face, there was very little emotion and I think that sort of told us he knew," Van Kuren said.

Van Kuren says Defense Attorney Joe Amendola gave a strong closing argument painting the victims as liars thirsty for money, but his story did not hold up when weighed against the testimony of the victims.

"He was very passionate and that struck a chord," Van Kuren said.

Van Kuren says she would have liked Sandusky to have taken the stand.

He did not because the prosecution planned to unleash a bombshell if he did, calling Sandusky's adoptive son who claims he was abused himself.

"We had wondered whether he may have abused as well," Van Kuren said.

Sandusky remains at the Centre County Correctional facility in solitary confinement.

He is awaiting an evaluation by the Sex Offenders Assessment Board. Sentencing will take place in about 90 days.