Footsteps and Facebook fueling weight loss

June 26, 2012 2:47:25 PM PDT
People around the world are losing weight with the help of a Facebook page.

It all started with a few steps in Sewell, New Jersey with one woman who lost weight and didn't want anyone else to have to go it alone.

Today, her story and her friendship are inspiring thousands to join her on her journey.

"I was 218 pounds and a size 18 and I was in the dressing rooms crying," says Peg Bradford. "I was depressed."

Bradford says like many women, hormones sent her weight surging.

"I had a hysterectomy which put me in surgical menopause," she says.

"I felt very alone. I did a lot of crying by myself because unless you are going through it, you don't understand," she says.

So she created a page where people could find a friend 24/7, a positive, supportive Facebook community of weight loss cheerleaders. She calls it Steps to Good Health and it was inspired by her own journey.

"I created my own food and exercise plan," she says. It's not a diet. I don't like the word "diet." In a year I lost 75 pounds.

One pound at a time, and one step at a time ? literally!

"On an average day I do 30,000 steps," she says. Now I am a size 12 and 146 pounds.

She says she cut out the soda and chooses healthy snacks and lean sources of protein. And she's always on the move. Always!

"If I have a basket of ironing I can get about 5,000 steps in," she says. "If I am doing dishes I jog in place. I know, it sounds crazy!"

Peg's page has already inspired more than 2,800 other people across the globe to step it up.

"So far I have more than four million steps since July and I am now on my 5th pair of sneakers," says Andy Walters from West Deptford.

He dropped 50 pounds in two years and went from a size 40 pants to a size 34.

Since January Christina Place from Cherry Hill shed 52 pounds and went from a size 16 to an 8.

Peg says the first step is to set realistic goals. Then, get a pedometer to make yourself accountable for your activity.

Along the way, she says you should remind yourself how far you've already come.

Finally, she says you should always reward yourself.

"I treat myself to ice cream," she says. "I love ice cream. I will never give it up. And I fill it up with whipped cream! I have eaten it every night since my weight loss journey."