Saving with 6abc: Lower AC bills

PHILADELPHIA - July 17, 2012

Keeping those air conditioners cranking isn't just about staying comfortable, but it's also a way to stay safe.

We're helping you keep the cost of cooling down with some hot savings tips!

Tom Hutchinson from Hutchinson Plumbing Heating Cooling says to keep your home cool when you aren't there -- keep the thermostat on 78 and keep the sun out.

"Number one is to block your windows and pull your shades down."

Then, when you get home, you can lower your thermostate further to a temperature that's more comfortable, so you can enjoy it.

"That could have an impact of 10% of your utility bill monthly."

Tip number 2: Don't let dinner drive up your bill! Keep the oven off and make your meal in a crock pot or outdoor grill instead.

"If you're using your oven in the summer months it's going to add to the heat that's being generated in your home it's going to make it more difficult, more costly to cool your home."

Next, keep those ceiling fans cranking to circulate the air you are paying to cool, and keep those bills down.

"You could possibly... maintain your thermostat at a higher setting. Our bodies are more comfortable with air moving across it."

Hutchinson also says keep the lights dim, limit the amount of time you use kitchen or bathroom exhaust fans, change your system's filters once a month, and keep your technology away from your thermostat!

There's heat coming off of any electronic device, whether it's the television or the stereo system, it's going to send a false signal to the thermostat."

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