NJ man builds water park in backyard

GLOUCESTER TWP., N.J. - August 24, 2012

Kids near the 300 block of East Front Street in Glendora don't need to look any farther than Mike Palcko's backyard for a fun water park.

"We didn't have much going on back here so he spiced it up that's for sure," said Jennifer Palcko, his wife.

The local contractor worked nights and weekends for two months this summer in order to build a maze of water slides, tubes, buckets, games, and cannons.

"My wife says I'm out of control…a little bit," said Mike.

"He didn't tell me what he was planning but now that it's finished, his creativity is incredible," said Jennifer.

Mike's family and friends are equally as surprised by his creative endeavor.

"He said 'I'm going to make a water park in the backyard' and I said 'what?" said Troy Brocco, his best friend.

Mike located a replacement liner for an above-ground Kayak pool.

"I built a box around it then fitted everything together and laid the water pipes. It's got a filter system, chlorine, the whole nine yards," he said.

It's made mostly from PVC pipes and 55 gallon drums.

"He just comes up with ideas that are crazy. My favorite thing is the swirly slide," said Brenden Palcko, Mike's 7-year-old son.

So what does he have planned for winter? A ski slope perhaps?

"Actually I make snow," Mike responded.

Until Mike's snow falls, the fun times in the Palcko backyard will continue.

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