Tires punctured on cars in Port Richmond

PORT RICHMOND - September 1, 2012

Vandals struck in the 2500 block of East Elkhart Street, the 2500 block of East Indiana Avenue, and the 3000 block of Livingston Street.

While many people were heading out of town for the start of the holiday weekend, some families in Port Richmond were forced to stay put whether they wanted to or not. Many of them woke up to slashed tires.

"It is supposed to be my weekend off, now I have to wake up and change my tire, and I have to go and buy a new tire," said Bob Marker.

Vandals rampaged through the neighborhood overnight, slashing tires on 11 cars; multiple tires on some of them.

"About 2:00 or 2:15 a.m., we heard a pop, and we came outside and saw all of our neighbors tires were slashed as well as ours," said Nancy Schultz.

Residents of the neighborhood suspect it is the work of a group of teenagers they saw in the area of the tire slashings.

"It's just sad that kids are brought up to not understand the consequences of this," Marker said.

For some, the consequences are a real hardship, like the owner of one vehicle in a handicapped parking spot, or the cab that is parked when it could be picking up fares.

"Each one of these tires is $120, that's $240 right here," said Eddie Delgado. "That's a lot of money."

Instead of enjoying the holiday weekend, these people are out of time and money.

"Especially if you have two tires slashed and you can't change a tire or put a donut on. You have to take the tire off, take it and put another tire on, it gets expensive," said Joe Schultz.

Police are looking for the vandals who slashed the tires in that neighborhood. Because of the number of tires involved, they could be looking at felony charges and serious jail time.

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