Back to School: Helping kids change schools

September 3, 2012

Although some local students and parents took the news tough that their school would close, school psychologist Anne Marie Borneman says now is the time for parents to be positive.

"If parents are comfortable and confident that the school year will go successfully, that the transition will go smoothly, children will model that behavior," Borneman says.

She adds that although it can be tough at first, change is a part of life and can be a good thing.

"Transitioning can help kids build resilience and resilience is the ability to be flexible, to enter new situations positively and persevere when times get tough."

She says most kids will adjust without problems, but parents should try to be more available the first few weeks and also look for signs of trouble including: difficulty sleeping, change in eating habits, or kids not wanting to go to school in the morning on a consistent basis.

These could be signs your child is not adjusting well according to Borneman. If this happens she advises that you talk to your child's teacher.

"Schools want the same thing parents want for their kids: For students to be happy and comfortable; to be ready to learn and have a successful school year."

Another way to help is for parents to share an experience they had with change, whether you changed schools or jobs or moved to a new city. Telling your kids about how you faced change and got through it will help them to do the same.

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