The Chamber Orchestra of Philadelphia is back

May 15, 2013 7:57:16 AM PDT
The Chamber Orchestra of Philadelphia is back for another season with an evening of all Bach.

It's an homage to the Baroque era of music and Johann Sebastian Bach. Considered one of the greatest composers of all time, his music remains immensely popular 3 centuries after it was written.

The Chamber will play a mix of Bach's orchestra suites and concertos, including his famous Brandenburg Concerto number 3.

Peter H. Gistelinck of The Chamber Orchestra of Philadelphia said, "Bach is one of the most important composers in music history and a lot of musicians also say that Bach was the central figure. Everything goes through Bach and everything starts all over again with Bach."

While Bach invented many of the rules that musicians follow to this day, he considered composing a profession. His works were all commissioned by kings and patrons.

"They need to make a living and that's what it is. I mean let's not forget Bach had 24 children. They didn't all survive but I mean there was really money to be made," said Gistelinck.

Violinist Adele Anthony will join the chamber? performing the solo in Bach's violin concerto #2 while simultaneously conducting the ensemble.

"So she will play, conduct from the violin during the violin concerto but then uh during the orchestra suites, she will be sitting in the orchestra and conducting from her chair so we see her in all different kinds of perspectives," added Gistelinck.

The All Bach concert is November 4th through the 6th in the Kimmel Center's Perelman Theatre. For tickets and show times, go to Chamber Orchestra of Philadelphia.