Wind power comes to Lincoln Financial Field

SOUTH PHILADELPHIA - October 25, 2012

The Philadelphia Eagles are making good on the promise to turn green into more than the color of their uniforms.

It was a different type of touchdown at Lincoln financial Field Thursday.

Action news was at Lincoln Financial Field Thursday as seven large wind turbines were hoisted into place on the north side of the field.

The first of 14 wind turbines was hoisted atop the Eagles' stadium, and more than 11,000 solar panels will be installed, giving fans another reason to cheer on the green!

"It will generate enough power to power 10 home games," said Jason Miller, Vice President of Facility Operations.

"Our estimate over 20 years could be $60 million in savings," said Eagles President Don Smolenski.

When you peer way up high, you may miss the scale of the turbines, but each is 15 feet tall and weighs more than 1,000 pounds.

Team sponsor NRG will purchase, install, and maintain the $25 million project over the next two decades.

Eagles President Don Smolenski hopes other businesses will catch wind of this plan.

"Whether it's a Monday night broadcast or primetime game, these provide a great visual, and it's something that will be talked about that millions and millions of people will see," said Smolenski.

Crews are more than halfway through installing the solar panels, a portion of which will go on the roof. Thousands already canopy Parking Lot K, which have caught the attention of tailgaters.

"We've actually had some feedback already," said Smolenski. In inclement weather it's nice to be out of the rain, and then in the summertime it is open too, and they can actually sit in the shade."

With tailgate and environmental advantages in check, what about powering the team?

"Hopefully the wind will help one of Alex's field goals get through the goal posts," Smolenski said.

There is still a lot of work to be done. The equipment should begin generating energy as soon as December.

The Eagles hope to one day make the Linc the first major stadium in the world to generate its own electricity.

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