Mrs. Fixit: Pool Noodles

November 4, 2012

No matter how hard you try it is nearly impossible to snug up a carseat as tight as it should be, but a car seat safety class that a friend went to used pool noodles to help.

Cut three sections of pool noodles to the width of the seat of your car. Pile them into a pyramid and duct tape them together, put the noodles into the crook in your seat and then put the car seat in place over the noodles.

Attach the belts as instructed with your carseat and pull the belts against the noodles as tight as you can, the seat will be snug and secure.

Pool noodles can help with deterity in small children, cut a noodle into two inch sections that make lartge "beads" and have kids thread them onto a rope. It's great for hand eye coordination.

A pool noodle makes a great oversized wreath form, bend it into a circle and secure with duct tape. Then a you have to do is cover with your wreath elements. An oversized form at the craft store costs over twenty dollars this cost under two.

Use noodles to snug slipcovers into couches and chairs, cut them to the size you need and shove them into the furniture to hold everything in place.

Stock up the next time you see noodles! I'm Mrs. Fixit and it's just that simple.

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