The White House Sub Shop

ATLANTIC CITY, N.J. - November 6, 2012

There, The White House is a tourist attraction, too...a sub shop that's been legend for more than 65 years. Some say it's because of the bread baked right in the neighborhood.

Others insist it's the classic Italian cold cuts and steak sandwiches. Most people don't think about it...they just eat and enjoy.

Brian Conley is co-owner today. His in-laws founded the shop after World War II. Little has changed since.

While the menu includes sandwich fillings like baked ham, turkey and tuna, most people prefer the old-time Italian meats sliced fresh daily on the premises.

There are also steak sandwiches made from beef or chicken. The rolls are scooped out by hand to make the sandwich easier to hold.

For those who are concerned, that also reduces the carbohydrate count. But there's no waste, as the excess bread ends up in the house-made meatballs.

On a typical weekday most of the year, The White House serves up at least 700 whole subs, each enough to feed two or three people generously.

On a summer weekend, the sandwich count can swell past a thousand. Two Italian bakeries are so close to the shop that bread can be delivered by hand, a bag or two at a time.

Whether its the local water, or the salt air, no one has been able to replicate Atlantic City Italian bread elsewhere. Some regulars insist they know one roll from he other and specify which bakery's bread should be used to make their order.

The White House has expanded to a second location offering its signature sandwiches at Trump Taj Mahal. At that location only, you can get a breakfast sandwich...popular with the late-night and early-morning crowds. And after many years without, the company has launched a website, The White House Sub Shop.

You may still phone them to place orders at 609-345-8599. At the Taj, it's 609-345-7827.

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