Food safety tips for Sandy victims

BENSALEM, Pa.- November 1, 2012

Tom Ryan lives in Brigantine, New Jersey.

He and his family including his father-in-law, a World War II veteran, came to stay with his cousin Janet in Bensalem during the storm.

Now, he's keeping warm by fireplace because Janet hasn't had power since Monday.

"We've been working things out," Janet Gisondi said.

They have a small cooler with essentials and nonperishable food.

But as for food in refrigerator – it's all getting thrown out.

Her neighbors are doing the same.

Food safety experts say if you are without power for 4 hours, most food in fridge will have to go.

Food in freezer can last 24 to 48 hours.

Also, any food exposed to flood water should be thrown out, even cans unless they are thoroughly cleaned

Tom will have to deal with that when he can get home; he already knows his house is flooded.

For now, he's happy everyone is safe.

"As long as you are healthy and the family's good, don't worry about nothing else," Tom said.

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