Tuckerton, NJ residents return to damaged homes

TUCKERTON, N.J. - November 3, 2012

The town of a little more than 3,000 took a body blow from Hurricane Sandy last week.

In an exclusive ride along with the mayor of Tuckerton Action News got a first look at the town around the same time most residents did.

Many homes were flattened and completely destroyed, while many boats remain submerged in the water.

80-year-old Helen Mossor lost her home, but almost lost something even more valuable.

"My house is down there, but we found an urn with my husband's ashes in it," she said.

Someone searched through the wreckage and found the urn.

Mossor says 2012 has been rough.

"I lost my husband in February and my house in October 2012," said Mossor.

Crews also found a picture of what Mossor's home looked like before Sandy. It is something she doesn't know if she will see again.

Emergency Management Coordinator Harold Spedding greeting worried residents Saturday morning. People had to show proof of residence before entering.

"Finally able to let residents and boat owners in, and they are allowed to bring contractors or anything they need," said Spedding.

Out of all the shore towns, Tuckerton residents are coming home to very little.

"We've lost 38 homes, totally destroyed, 285 homes with massive destruction and another 250 that have minor damage," said Mayor George "Buck" Evans.

Mayor Evans now has the job of comforting residents in their worst hour while looking ahead with a promise to rebuild.

"I'm just happy for 2013," he told them. "We will rebuild Tuckerton; we will rebuild it."

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