Neck and neck race day before Election Day

PHILADELPHIA - November 5, 2012

They are not the only ones making campaign stops today. Former President Bill Clinton will host a rally for President Obama in University City Monday evening.

Last night Governor Romney rallied a crowd of thousands in Bucks County, while yesterday President Obama made appearances in four battleground states. The rivals, their running mates, and their supporters will be spread out across the country today making an 11th hour push for votes.

Upper Darby resident Aram Derderian tells Action News, "I think it will motivate people to get out and vote. I don't know if it will change any minds at this point."

Lisa Munder of Levittown says, "I think it's going to be pretty tight."

It certainly could be, with some recent polls showing Romney and Obama neck and neck. Pennsylvania is one of the states the nation has its eye on, with Obama's lead narrowing in recent weeks.

Hillary Remick of Wynnewood tells us, "I think we're going to go for Obama and bite our nails on Ohio."

Roger Fucilli of Newark, Delaware explains, "It's going to be interesting. I think the major cities tend to be more Democrat, so it's how the outlying districts turn out."

There was indeed a call to vote near Philadelphia's City Hall Monday morning. The Coalition of Black Trade Unionists have representatives stationed at transit hubs across the city reminding folks of their civic duty. Voters agree - cast your ballot, regardless of what ticket you support.

Northeast Philadelphia resident Tonya Ewing says, "It's just very important that we exercise our right. Either side, just get out and vote. Whatever way you're voting, just vote."

If you don't know where to vote, find your polling places by following the links below.

Pennsylvania Polling Places
New Jersey Polling Places
Delaware Polling Places

If you have any problems on Election Day submit your complaint by calling the Philadelphia District Attorney's Office at 215-686-9641, 43, 44. You can also submit your complaint to the Committee of Seventy at 1-866-OUR-VOTE (1-866-687-8683).

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