Storm-weary Bucks County, Pa. prepares for Nor'easter

LEVITTOWN, Pa. - November 7, 2012

"It's been a Nantucket sleigh ride for the last week," said Steve Reilly of Bristol Township.

And that ride may go into a bonus round for the storm-weary people of southeastern Bucks County.

The cleanup from Sandy is not over yet, and there are still a few scattered power outages.

Experts say the approaching nor'easter could delay damage assessments by state and federal emergency management officials.

FEMA spokesman William Lindsey says he is optimistic this new storm will NOT add to the damage already done.

"We're hoping it won't be. I think we've been hit pretty hard as it is. So we're keeping our fingers crossed and making sure we're providing any assistance we can," he told Action News.

Officials from the Bucks County Emergency Operations Center say once again the major concern is the wind, NOT the potential for flooding.

"The creeks are low right now, so they'll take rain. But the wet snow mixing with the wind is going to cause the problem with the trees," said John Dougherty.

That impending problem is more toppled trees possibly taking down more power lines.

"I'm hoping that the weaker trees, Sandy took care of them, and the trees that are remaining will be able to sustain this present storm that is coming," said Dougherty.

Steve Reilly, who went six days without power after Sandy, says he is simply hoping for the best.

"Well we found out how camping inside is all about, that's all I can say. Even when the heat came back on it was like we were sweating because we were so used to being so cold," he said.

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