5 charged in Northampton Co meth bust

BATH, Pa. - November 8, 2012

Police searched a home on Old Forge Drive in Bath where they found drugs, as well as the chemicals and equipment to make meth.

The suspects are identified as follows:

Jamie Lynn Kinghorn, 36, of Old Forge Drive, Bath,

Alan Woodson, 36, of Old Forge Drive, Bath,

Thomas Mauro, 33, of Franklin St., Philadelphia,

Melissa Bailey, 36, of Sherlin Dr., Bridgewater, N.J. and Old Forge Drive, Bath

Francesco Ditaranto III, 24, Old Forge Drive, Bath

Kinghorn and Woodson are charged with operating a methamphetamine lab, manufacturing a controlled substance and related charges. Ditaranto, Bailey and Mauro were charged with criminal conspiracy, operating a methamphetamine lab, and related charges.

All five suspects are facing charges Thursday morning.


Information provided by WFMZ-TV.

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