Power restored for some in West Amwell

WEST AMWELL, N.J. - November 8, 2012

However, for others, they remain in the dark.

Scores of residents in West Amwell huddled in the local elementary school earlier in the day.

The building's power came back on at midday and word spread fast across the largely rural community where hundreds of homes have been without power for 10 days courtesy of Hurricane Sandy.

All the mayor could do is urge the townsfolk to persevere a while longer.

"There's a lot of people cold. We've been trying to get the schools opened. We finally got a power line crew from southern Ontario that are working on the circuits," Mayor George Fisher said.

"We're very remote. We're very isolated in West Amwell. We don't really have a major center in town other than the city of Lambertville which we are not connected to," resident Samantha Iroca said.

The elementary level children have now missed 8 days of school and they are getting anxious.

"It's really boring and I kind of do want to go back to school because I want to see all my friends," Amanda Brewi said.

For the high schoolers, the cold and the darkness at night are taking a toll.

"It's been pretty rough actually, not really enjoyable. It's been pretty cold too, but we have a fireplace, but it's pretty rough," Miles Johnson said.

Aaron Klaus checked her portable generator, mindful that reports of generator theft have increased through all kinds of jerry-rigging.

She and her family are managing to keep a couple of rooms warm and the kitchen functional, but this temporary third world lifestyle is getting old.

"We have the generator hooked up, spliced together, so we can run our furnace, septic, and water because up until a couple days ago we weren't able to get water from our faucet," Klaus said.

The local elementary school and regional high school will remain closed tomorrow, perhaps opening Monday.

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